Internet Sex Crimes

Accused of Internet Sex Crimes in Phoenix?

With so many people highly skilled in computers, there is always the possibility that someone may hack into your computer and use your IP address or email account to conduct illegal activity, including internet sex crimes. If you were arrested for an internet sex crime in the Phoenix area, obtain the legal representation that you need. Attorney Jeremy Geigle of Jackson White Law has the legal expertise and experience to defend persons who have been accused of internet sex offenses.

What are Internet Sex Crimes?

It is illegal to participate in online sex chat rooms for the following reasons:

  • To solicit a minor on the internet
  • To lure a minor for sexual exploitation
  • To communicate with a minor
  • To schedule or attempt to schedule a meeting with a minor

It is illegal in Arizona to use the internet to participate in online sex crimes:

  • View, download, possess, print, distribute or sell child pornography
  • Stalking
  • Harassment
  • Threats

Penalties for Internet Sex Crimes in Phoenix:

  • Prison: up to decades; minimum sentences of 10 years for child pornography
  • Sentences run consecutively if pornographic images of minors are involved
  • Lifetime sex offender registration requirement
  • Permanent criminal record
  • May be permanently restricted from using the internet
  • Employment restrictions – may not be near children
  • Living restrictions – must not reside within specific areas

Defending Against Accusations of Internet Sex Crimes in Phoenix:

One of the principles of our government includes the presumption of innocence. In order for the government to obtain a conviction, due process must be followed. It takes more than a simple accusation or an arrest to prove guilt. The government must prove that you have violated specific laws in order for you to be found guilty. Some of the defenses against internet sex crimes include:

  • Incorrect or mistaken identity of computer user
  • Illegally obtained or tainted evidence
  • Warrantless search
  • Miranda rights not read
  • Entrapment by authorities posing as minors on the internet
  • Procedural misconduct by authorities

Free Consultation with a Phoenix Internet Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney:

Being accused of committing an internet sex crime is a stressful and life-altering experience. Attorney Jeremy Geigle of Jackson White Law is an experienced, skilled and compassionate attorney who will fight for your freedom and your good name. It is in your best interest to obtain legal representation from an attorney who will give you the time and focus that is absolutely required to successfully defend your case. Attorney Jeremy Geigle offers a no-obligation, complimentary case evaluation in which you can discuss your case and explore your options. Schedule a free consultation by calling our office at 480-818-9943 or by emailing us at:

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