Child Molestation Laws in Arizona:

Child sexual abuse charges are extremely serious and aggressively prosecuted in Arizona. If you were charged with child molestation or any other child abuse offense, you are advised to obtain the legal services of an experienced Phoenix and Mesa child molestation attorney. Attorney Jeremy Geigle defends his clients with great focus and dedication.

Molestation of a Child, ARS 13-1410:

  • “A person commits molestation of a child by intentionally or knowingly engaging in or causing a person to engage in sexual contact, except sexual contact with the female breast, with a child under fifteen years of age.”

Child molestation charges may result from the direct or indirect sexual touching or contact of a child under the age of 15. The offense may apply if the child touches the adult or if the adult touches the child.

Child Molestation Penalties in Arizona:

  • Minimum: 10 years prison
  • Maximum: 24 years prison
  • Class 2 felony
  • Note: no “gain” time; sentences are day-to-day
  • Lifetime sexual offender registration requirement
  • Permanent criminal record

Great stigma is attached to child abuse charges of any kind. Even the mere accusation of child molestation charges will affect the way that others look at the accused.  Our criminal justice system is based upon the principle of “innocent until proven guilty,” but in highly charged child molestation cases people tend to rush to judgment and assume the worst – even before hearing the facts of the case. Phoenix sex offense attorney Jeremy Geigle understands the innate fears that can affect people and he utilizes this knowledge to his client’s benefit in a most skillful manner in both pretrial and courtroom proceedings. Attorney Geigle’s calmness and straightforward manner affects people in a positive manner. A successful sex offense attorney must be able to relate to people in this way for effective representation.

Phoenix Child Molestation Attorney Complimentary Consultation:

If you were charged with child molestation in Phoenix, it is essential to take the first step forward in an effort to understand:

  • Your legal options
  • Your legal rights
  • Your legal status – i.e., exactly where you stand

You are invited to call the Jackson White Law Office at 480-818-0043 to schedule a complimentary consultation with criminal defense attorney Jeremy Geigle. The first thing you’ll probably observe is Mr. Geigle’s nonjudgmental, understanding and compassionate demeanor. As an attorney who has represented many clients in similar situations before, Mr. Geigle understands how easy it is to be falsely accused of virtually any offense. Attorney Geigle’s position is clear: you are innocent until and unless you are proven guilty. He is prepared to fight for you in an effort to maintain your innocence and your freedom.  There is no obligation whatsoever for the consultation with Attorney Geigle. We offer reasonable fees and financing in an effort to make superior representation available to all budgets.

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