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Public sexual indecency occurs when a person engages in an act in front of another person that would reasonably cause that person to be alarmed or offended. According to A.R.S. 13-1403, these acts include:

  1. Sexual contact
  2. Oral sexual contact
  3. Sexual intercourse
  4. Bestiality

A person who engages in one of the above acts in front of another person is guilty of public indecency and will receive a class 1 misdemeanor. If one of the acts listed is carried out in the presence of a child under the age of 15, it becomes a class 5 felony.


Class 1 Misdemeanor: Maximum sentence of 6 months

Class 5 Felony: Maximum sentence of 2 years


Class 1 Misdemeanor: Not to exceed $2,500.

Class 5 Felony: Not to exceed $150,000.


Class 1 Misdemeanor: 3 years

Class 5 Felony: 3 years

In addition to the penalties listed above, certain sex crime convictions also require the offender to register as a sex offender. If you’ve been accused or charged with public indecency in Phoenix, contact a skilled sex crime attorney at JacksonWhite. Sex crime defense lawyer, Jeremy Geigle will stand by your side throughout the entire process. Schedule a free and confidential consultation by calling (480) 818-9943.

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