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Sex Offenses

If you were arrested for a sex offense in Phoenix or in the surrounding areas, you want an accomplished, genuinely concerned attorney by your side, fighting for your freedom and your good name. The outcome of your case is determined not only by the circumstances of your case…
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Sexual Assault

Sex offenses are specifically defined by statute in Arizona; they are complicated and extensive. Of course, for specific information pertaining to your case, it is essential to contact a Phoenix sex offense attorney. Attorney Jeremy Geigle of Jackson White defends clients who are…
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Child sexual abuse charges are extremely serious and aggressively prosecuted in Arizona. If you were charged with child molestation or any other child abuse offense, you are advised to obtain the legal services of an experienced Phoenix and Mesa child molestation attorney…
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Child Pornography

Even the mere allegation of a charge of child pornography is enough to turn your life upside down. If you were arrested for possessing, creating or distributing child pornography in Phoenix, you are advised to obtain the legal services of a skilled and experienced Phoenix child…
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Internet Sex Crimes

With so many people highly skilled in computers, there is always the possibility that someone may hack into your computer and use your IP address or email account to conduct illegal activity, including internet sex crimes. If you were arrested for an internet sex crime…
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Prostitution involves offering sexual services in exchange for a fee or something of value. In most cases money is exchanged between parties. In other instances there may be an item or service exchanged, whether legal or illegal, such as drugs, shelter or transportation. Sexual…
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Soliciting A Prostitute

If you were arrested for soliciting a prostitute in Phoenix, a conviction can affect you for the rest of your life. You are advised to obtain legal representation from a highly skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney. Attorney Jeremy Geigle has represented many clients who…
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Indecent Exposure

Arizona is well known for its extreme penalties for sex offenses. If you were arrested for indecent exposure, it is in your best interest to obtain legal representation from a highly experienced, skilled and caring sex offense lawyer. Attorney Jeremy Geigle is prepared…
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Human Trafficking

If you were arrested for or accused of human trafficking in Phoenix, you may face state and/or federal charges. A conviction may result in incarceration, fines and other severe consequences. It is essential to obtain experienced, quality legal representation from a skilled sex…
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Peeping Tom / Surreptitious Recording

If you were arrested for voyeurism or other sex offense, it is essential to understand the legal charges against you as well as the potential consequences. Arizona’s laws are extremely complicated. Attorney Jeremy Geigle of Jackson White Law offers a complimentary…
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False Allegations

There are many questions that must be examined if you were falsely accused of a sex offense. Your criminal defense attorney must have the knowledge and skill to defend you in an aggressive and effective manner. It may be essential to obtain the services of qualified…
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Avoiding Charges

If you have been questioned by police about your involvement in a sex offense or other criminal activity, but have not been charged, it is in your best interest to obtain legal representation immediately. Your attorney will contact the prosecutor’s office and specifically…
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Sex Offender Registration

Sex offender registration laws are extremely strict. If an offender does not register in a timely manner it may result in immediate re-imprisonment. The laws are complicated and confusing. It is important to know exactly where to register, how to register and when to register…
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