Sex Offender Registration

What is Arizona Sex Offender Registration?

Arizona Revised Statutes 13-3821 requires a person to register as a sex offender if they have been convicted of a violation or attempted violation of a sex offense. A partial list of offenses that require sex offender registration:

  • Unlawful imprisonment of a victim under age 18
  • Kidnapping of a victim under age 18
  • Sexual abuse if the victim is under 18
  • Sexual conduct with a minor
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual assault of a spouse
  • Molestation of a child
  • Continuous sexual abuse of a child

What is the Purpose of Sex Offender Registration?

Sex offender registration is a system of tracking sex offenders. The ultimate purpose of sex offender registration is to prevent future sex offenses from occurring by monitoring those who have been convicted of sex offenses.

Who Else is Required to Register as a Sex Offender in Arizona?

  • A person convicted in another jurisdiction of an offense which, if committed in Arizona, would be a violation or attempted violation of those listed in Arizona
  • A person who has been convicted of an offense in another jurisdiction and they are required to register there
  • A convicted felon with sexual motivation – judge can add sex offender status

What Are Some of the Other Sex Offenses that Require Registration?

  • Child prostitution
  • Commercial, sexual exploitation of a minor
  • Luring a minor for sexual exploitation
  • Sex trafficking of a minor
  • Second or subsequent indecent exposure to a person under age 15
  • Second or subsequent public indecency to person under age 15

Obtain a Free Legal Consultation with a Phoenix Sex Offender Criminal Defense Attorney:

Sex offender registration laws are extremely strict. If an offender does not register in a timely manner it may result in immediate re-imprisonment. The laws are complicated and confusing. It is important to know exactly where to register, how to register and when to register. Sex offenses are often a result of “he said – she said” confrontations. Many times there are no witnesses and a spurned lover or spouse, for example, may accuse the former partner of abusing their children, and, as a result, this may lead to sex offender status. It is essential to obtain effective legal counsel immediately if you are accused – or believe you will be accused – of a sex offense.

Phoenix attorney Jeremy Geigle offers a complimentary case evaluation to those who have been accused of sex offenses. Jeremy is a nonjudgmental, concerned and devoted sex offense and criminal defense attorney. He will answer your questions and help you gain perspective in your sex registration case. For a free legal consultation, call attorney Jeremy Geigle at the office of Jackson White at 480-818-9943.

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